5 Photography Lighting Tips for Beginners

5 Photography Lighting Tips for Beginners

Lighting is an extremely vital part of photography. If a photographer uses lighting in the right way he or she will add mood, provide interest, give context and ultimately, create a stunning and dynamic photograph. Use of lighting in photography is not too complex. In fact, if you closely follow these 5 tips, you will definitely nail your portraits every time:

1.     Use a Simple Backdrop
If ridges and wrinkles manage to creep into your photographs due to poor lighting, unless they are a part of the environment, they will easily distract your main subject. Be careful and try to keep your backdrops simple and smooth.

2.     Use Contrast Lighting
It does not matter much, whether you are using speed-lights, strobes or LEDs, it is crucial that the ratio should vary from one light source to the other. Your main light source must be the strongest, while your second light should just offer a balanced and nice fill.

3.     Light Directionally
The use of side light is almost always effective if you want to bring out texture and simultaneously create a dynamic variation between the shadows and the highlights. Whether in the floral form or rings, side light will help you immensely in giving depth and dimension to your images.

4.     Focus On Your Angles
There are two important things to consider when you are facing a studio lighting scenario. First is the position of lights with respect to the subject and second is your subject’s position with reference to your camera. Side light will provide dimension, but so would the precise angle at which you shoot (such as above, side, below, etc.). Don’t hesitate to experiment and change up camera angles. A photograph tends to be most interesting and appealing when you try to offer a fresh perspective to something ordinary or dull.

5.     Light for Shape
We experience and see life in 3 dimensions. That is the reason why the most beautiful and dynamic photos tend to be those in which your audience could just walk into the scene, or touch or reach out to your subject. You can emphasize lighting for shape, in most cases, by using side light. This enables the highlights to spread nicely along your subject’s edge and add the third dimension. Enjoy our photography lighting tips and take a lot of photos! Visit 42 Photo for more tips related to photography.