Debunking Some Myths about Travel Photography

Debunking Some Myths about Travel Photography

Travel Photography Myths

There is no question a lot of us have fallen victim to a slew of misconceptions when taking photographs now and then, especially when we are traveling.  Whether you always assume buying a new camera will make you a professional photographer or making a habit never to use the on-camera flash, everybody – amateur and professional alike – has their own set of self-imposed, informal photography rules and laws they always stick to.  While you should stick to some rules, adhering to the ones that can adversely affect your photography skills is a big no-no.

In light of this, mentioned below are a few travel photography myths, finally debunked:

Myth #1 – Never Shoot in Poor Lighting

Forget that there is anything such as poor lighting. You can take photos even in the environment with a little source of light. Limiting yourself to taking photos in nice and bright environments isn’t going to enhance your skills.

The sign of a great photographer is to take a brilliant photo when the lighting is not exactly how he wants it to be.

Myth #2 – The Rule of Thirds should be your Second Nature When Taking Photos

In the rule of thirds, the primary focal points of the image you capture must be on thirds section of that photo. It is a good rule to stick to; however, there will be a lot of instances where the image you are hoping to take begs for something unique regarding composition. Do exactly that – be unique.

For instance, objects that have symmetrical architecture almost always benefit by staying right at the center of the photo and not on the side.

Myth #3 – If You Call Yourself an Experienced Photographer, Refrain from Using the On-Camera Flash

Look, there is no denying that the on-camera flash can at the time produce some pretty nasty photographs. But there will be some times during your travels that it will become a lifesaver.

The trick is knowing when and how exactly to use the flash. Some places where using the on-camera flash comes in mighty handy include taking photos during mid day when the sun is bright. You can also use the flash when diffusing a photo or when you want to bounce the flash.


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