Less is More: Minimalist Photography for Beginners

Less is More: Minimalist Photography for Beginners

Minimalism is an art style and philosophy based on stripping away every non-essential feature. In photography, minimalism is dominated by white backgrounds and very few objects, but there’s more to it.

If you’re an amateur photographer, you can take great minimalist pictures in just a couple of minutes. Just follow these 3 tips and you’ll be taking minimalist photos like a pro!


Minimalist photography is based on contrast. By principle, minimalism is based on the concept of “Less is More”. So you shouldn’t want a very colorful picture.

To create a greater contrast, pick subjects that are single-colored. You can place them on a white background, a black background, or even against another single-colored object.

Just make sure to recognize what the colors of your picture are, and to strip away any unnecessary colors.


Because of the “Less is More” philosophy, negative space plays a key role in minimalist photography.

Remember to always keep it simple. Place your subject using the Rule of Thirds, and let the rest of the picture empty. The contrast between the subject and the emptiness is as important as the contrast of colors.

Be unique

Minimalism is more than simply an art style. It is a way of living a simple life.

When you’re shooting your subject, try different angles with unique perspectives.

Try to tell a story through your photos. By showing your subject surrounded by negative space, you can raw sensations in a way that you wouldn’t achieve in a crowded picture.

Overall, remember to remove everything that isn’t essential and to create the contrast around the focal points.

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