Why Your Tripod Should Be Your Photography Best Friend

Why Your Tripod Should Be Your Photography Best Friend

If you’re trying to get success as an amateur or professional photographer, you need to become best friends with your tripod.

There are many reasons why using a tripod is essential for every serious photographer. These are the main ones.

Sharper photos

The main reason for using a tripod is stability. There’s no doubt about it. You can get sharper pictures because a using tripod will remove movement and vibration.

Apart from the tripod, you should always use a timer (or a remote) to make sure that the vibration from your finger pressing the shutter doesn’t affect your photos.

Long exposure and low light

Tripods are also fundamental when taking long exposure photos or low light photos. It’s the only way of making sure that you don’t move. Could you stay still for 40 seconds? The answer is no.

Plus, when taking pictures in low light or with long exposure, you find a perfect framing but the photo itself isn’t right. You may need to change your lens, change your exposure time, your ISO or something else. The only way to make sure you can change your settings without affecting the composition is with a tripod.


Every professional photographer tries taking self-portraits at some point. Of course, there’s a difference between a self-portrait and a selfie. And the first one requires a tripod. And once again, you should have a remote control to take the picture.

Special effects

The last reason on our list to use a tripod is special effects. I’m talking about HDR, exposure blending and focus stacking. All of these include using several frames of the exact same picture with small changes. Of course, you’ll need a tripod.